After receiving a call from Carmen Luz de la Puente asking the Sisters to visit the Washington, DC area in 2001, Sister Isabel Bracero decided to come to Washington, DC for the first time. It was the occasion for all little cells that were working for the Blessed Mother in the area, to unite and start working together. The pictures related to that historic visit are at the bottom of this page.
We tell here the history of the Schoenstatt Movement in the Washington, DC area through the pictures below. This presentation is simbolic and is neither official nor objective. We share with you several events, but for practical reasons must leave others, which might be important too. What is essential is the vital passion of a community united in Jesus and Mary, to bring their message in the spirit of our founder Fr. Joseph Kentenich to the whole local area in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland and if God invites and allows us, farther.

Carmen Luz de la Puente llamó en 2001 a las Hermanas de Nueva York para solicitarles que visiten a los schoenstattianos de la zona de Washington. Es así como la Hermana Isabel Bracero viene en julio 2001 por primera vez como asesora, abriendo la oportunidad para que las distintas células que estaban trabajando para Schoenstatt en el área, se unieran y comenzaran a trabajar todos juntos. Las fotos de esa visita histórica se encuentran al pie de esta página.
Relataremos la historia de Schoenstatt en la zona de Washington, DC a través de las fotos que siguen. Esta presentación es simbólica y no tiene carácter ni de oficial ni de resumen objetivo, dado que por razones prácticas se van exponiendo diversos eventos, dejando muchos otros de importancia de lado. Lo importante es que relata a través de imágenes la pasión vital de una comunidad por unirse en torno a Jesús y María, de la mano del Padre Kentenich, para llevar su mensaje a todos los rincones de nuestra amplia área de Washington, DC, norte de Virginia y sur de Maryland, y si Dios nos invita y lo permite, más allá.

Leaders' Training in Virginia - Report from Elfi - 12 February 2011

Leaders Training in Virginia - Fr. Jesús Ferrás telling us about the Covenant culture related to 2014 -
12 February 2011

Retreat at CIC, Catholic Information Center, 1501 K St. Washington, DC, with Fr. Dieter Haas. Here... obviously ...  lunch :-)  - 10 May 2009

Retreat at CIC - 10 May 2009

Leaders' Circle meeting after Movement Training with Sr. Marie Day and Sr. Iraida Guerra at Cardinal McCarrick Center - 28 March 2009

Fr. Dieter Haas at a retreat in Virginia - 6 December 2008

Retreat with Fr. Dieter Haas at St. Michael, Virginia - 6 December 2008

Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, we are all united in the Blessed Mother's heart! - 6 December 2008

After the Mass of the Movements at the National Shrine - 1 November 2008

Retreat with Sr. Marie in Virginia - 17 July 2008

With Sr. Marie and Sr. Iraida in Virginia - 17 July 2008

Fr. Dieter Haas, for so many years our faithful advisor!! - April 2008

At St. Michael parish in Virginia with Fr. Dieter - April 2008

Fr. Jerry Wooton, always supporting us! - 21 April 2007

Fr. Dieter's talk in Virginia - 21 April 2007

Retreat at St. Michael - 21 April 2007

Pilgrimage of the Diocese of Arlington to the National Shrine - 15 October 2005

Pilgrimage of the Diocese of Arlington to the National Shrine - 15 October 2005

Pilgrimage of the Diocese of Arlington to the National Shrine - 15 October 2005

Frist Schoenstatt wayside shrine at a public place: St. Andrew parish in Clifton, Virginia which was dedicated on 31 May 2009 by Fr. Dieter - 10 April 2005

At Joan and Paul Rinderle's house, monthly Sunday meeting. Joan sitting, blue dress. Everybody feels always welcome here! - 9 March 2003

Retreat with Fr. Dieter at the Oblate Sisters house - 13 April 2002

Our first pilgrimage to the Schoenstatt Shrine in New York. From Now on we will go every year for the May crowining of the Blessed Mother - 5 May 2002
From left to right standing: Néstor Paz, Enrique Soros, Marta Rojas, two unknown..., Feli and Florentin Rodríguez.
Sitting: Luz Ruiz Silva and unknown.

Missionaires of the Pilgrim MTA at New York's Shrine with Sr. Isabel - 5 May 2002

New missionaries of the Pilgrim MTA from Washington with Fr. Héctor Vega in NY - 5 May 2002

Monthly Sunday meeting at Joan Rinderle's house - 13 January 2002

21 July 2001  Sister Isabel Bracero visits Washington, DC for the first time.
For the first time all cells from Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland meet together.
In the picture, left to right: Jorge and Paulina Kaufmann, from Chile, mission and living in Maryland,
Sister Isabel Bracero, from Puerto Rico, living in New York,
Enrique Soros, from Argentina, mission in Washington, DC, living in Maryland,
Carmen Luz de la Puente, from Chile,  with husband Gonzalo (right), mission and living in Maryland,
Elfi Stitz, from Germany, mission and living in Virginia,
Eugenia Guzmán de De la Maza, from Chile, living in Maryland,
María Sazonov, from Ecuador, mission in Washington, DC, -Inter American Development Bank- and Virginia, living in Virginia.

At Carmen Luz' and Gonzalo's house - 21 July 2001

Where did Sr. Isabel go? - 21 July 2001

Here she is...  - 21 July 2001

Music, music...   - 21 July 2001

The Rinkes, now in Córdoba, Argentina, here with Sr. Isabel - 21 July 2001

More music? Yes! Schoenstatt is a wonderful music... - 21 July 2001

This picture of the Blessed Mother became later a gift from New York to the Schoenstatt Family in Washington, DC, and it is today a symbol of our history. It accompanies us wherever we go! - 21 July 2001

Carmen Luz, now back in Santiago de Chile. Center of the picture - 21 July 2001

María Sazonov, Elfi Stitz and Sr. Isabel Bracero - 21 July 2001

Littel instruments... great mission!  - 21 July 2001

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