Schoenstatt Movement

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Who we are

The Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt is a Roman Catholic Marian Movement founded in Germany in 1914 by Father Joseph Kentenich. Fr. Kentenich saw the movement as being a means of spiritual renewal in the Catholic Church.

Our mission

Our movement is involved in several apostolic actions, including missionary work, charity, education, and the Pilgrim Mother Campaign, spanning more than 110 countries in the world, with around 30 million members.

Your support

By donating, you can help us fulfill our mission in Washington, DC., and support future plans for the Shrine of the Blessed Mother! Donate today to make our Schonstatt community a better place.

Schoenstatt Couples Retreat in Washington, DC region. 17 September 2022 - Barnesville, Maryland

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